What can we offer a business partner?

If you need a serious and engaged administrator? Then we offer our knowledge, expertise and systems.

Other than being able to contribute with all of the expected. Then Kollegieboligselskabet offers a lot of skills and a ethos which makes us able to deliever something very special in a collaboration. Read more underneath. 

What you get addtionally



  • Availability all weekdays. Our office and phones are open all weekdays.
  • Look-access to our administration system
  • The posibility to adapt extracts of information from the administration system
  • Use of SMS service information
  • Use of Aut. servicemails to residents
  • Agreement documents handled by digital signature
  • All employees speak english
  • The posibility to communication, do documents and information etc. in English
  • Facebook group for residents in the dormitory


And a lot more…


What we can do for you


We can handle all the traditional tasks. What ever you wish for example:

  • Waiting lists and offers on accommodations
  • Leases and terminations
  • Colleciton of rent and other associated tasks
  • Final settlements and it's like (also to other contries)
  • Bookkeeping and delievery of balance material for financial accounting
  • Composing budgets
  • Follow up and initiativ on debtors. Repealing leases
  • Moving in- and moving out inspections
  • Requisition of craftsmen and payment of invoices
  • Insurance claims
  • Function plan for the janitor either as buy or employer functions to externally employers (no VAT)
  • Heating and consuption accounting
  • Maintenance plans and service contracts etc.
  • Supply and obtaining tenders 


With other words... Everything!

What can we offer you?

Our skills are widely spread - from all technical to operational aspects that is necessary in making a very good housing department. 


We can be your sparring partner in relation to projects. We want to be there from the beginning with a goal to reach a problem free fase from building to operation. 


We can take care of renovation tasks, tasks about ordinary operation and a lot more. 


We also have a good experince with collaborating with our residents. We focus on keeping them updated with what is happeing in their accommodations. We do this through a variety of different communication channels which are adapted to the residents needs.


What do you need and what do you want? Is it the whole package or just part of tasks? You are welcome to contact us and we can talk about a solution which suits your needs and wishes. 


We operate with fixed prices when we look at tasks within administration and operation. Other tasks are solved on an agreed price pr hour. 


Do you want to know more contact:
Director Peter Kjærsgaard

Our approach and spirit


Kollegieboligsleskabet has years of experience with the completion of new contruction and renovation tasks. Corresponding with renting, administration and operation of accommodations. We use digital solution in the end endeavore to make a paperless administraion and make it easier for residents and business partners. 


Kollegieboligsleskabets administrationssystem is based on known and tried solutions from EG Bolig in interaction with products from Microsoft. We are members of BL and has an agreements with HK, ESL and faglig puls. We have a green smiley from The Danish Working Enviroment Authority. We use Danske Bank. 


Your values are service, development and community. With this a a driving force in our work we try to build a safe community for our residents. We value resident democracy and to include our residents in decisions. Therefore we have a lot of knowledge about managing resident meetings and collaboration with dormitory boards. 


If you start a collaboration with us you also support the community and the endeavour to create a Denmark with possibilites for all. We have offered student jobs in more than 10 years. Therefore we always have around 3-4 students hired. They are typically with us for a few years until they finish their education and start working full time in another company. We also provide internships for youths under education.