Emergency phone

When you need urgent assistance solving a problem in your flat outside regular office hours

You might be unfortunate enough to need urgent help outside our opening hours. To avoid you being in a situation where you cannot get help for a serious or urgent problem, KBS has made an arrangement with a security firm called Midtfyns Totalservice A/S. Their job is to make sure that the appropriate people are called out to deal with the problem you have.

Not all problems require immediate attention. Below, you can find a list of the typical problems that might require urgent assistance:

What to do when calling the emergency number

  1. Call the emergency number 63 14 44 66
  2. State your name, full address and phone number.
  3. Let them know, that the dormitory is administered by Kollegieboligselskabet.
  4. Describe what has happened and what you need of help.
  5. On the following day, remember to let the janitor know about the damage/problem by writing to them on MyPage.
  6. If there has been a burglary, please remember to inform the police by calling 114. You should also inform the janitor that you have reported the incident to the police. The dormitory’s insurance will cover damages to the building, but damage or loss of your own property should be reported and covered by your own insurance.
Are you locked out of your accommodation? 
If you have locked yourself out or lost you keys during KBS’s opening hours, you can just call our office.
If you have locked yourself out or lost your keys outside of KBS’s opening hours, your should not call the emergency number, but instead call Securitas on 70 26 36 50. Please note, that Securitas will send you a bill for the service, which you yourself will have to pay.

If you have your keys, but they don’t work, you should contact Midtfyns Totalservice A/S on the emergency number 63 14 44 66. They will then call a locksmith. If the locksmith finds a flaw on your lock, they will send the bill to KBS, and you will of course not have to pay for the service. However, if the locksmith does not find a flaw in your lock, they will send a bill to KBS, and we will charge the amount on your next bill or rent.

Emergency Phone 63 14 44 66

Unlocking of door 70 26 36 50