Apply for accommodation

As our accommodations are general youth and dormitory accommodations  we have some requirements that you have to meet to apply for accommodation with us. You can read more about the requirements underneath. 

How do I apply for an accommodation?


All our accommodation is rented through Studiebolig Odense why has a common application site for accommodation when studying in Odense. If you wish to apply for one of our accommodations when you need to make an application on Studiebolig Odense. It is not possible to rent one of our accommodations without being on Studebolig Odenses waiting list. 

When you make your application it is important that you read the information page at the website. Studiebolig Odense has a set of rules and demands for your application has to meet. If your application isn't meeting the required rules and demands it can have negative consequences  for your application of accommodations and in worst case senario your application can be deleted. 

How do i get offered an accommodation?

You will be contacted automaticly by e-mail. When it is your turn to get an offer of accommodation. To answer the offer of accommodation you have to go to "housing offers" at Studiebolig Odense. It is very important that you answer all offers. Weather it is yes or no to the offer. If you dont answer within the deadline your application will be deactivated and you will loose your spot on the waiting list.  

you can read a lot more about this on the information page on Studiebolig Odense.

How long is the expected waiting time? 

Unfortunately it is very hard to say how long it will take for you to get an accommodation. The waiting time is based on a lot of things among others how many who is applying for that specific accommodation and when they become available. Also what time of the year can influence the waiting time. The following is a rough estimate of the waiting times:

  • 1 Room accommodation (Shared kitchen and bathroom): 2-3 Months
  • 1- og 2-  Room accommodations in Odense C and M: 12-18 Months
  • 1- og 2- Room accommodations Outside Odense C and M: 3-6 Months
  • Specific dormitory: 1-2 years

Exceptions are Bikubenkollegiet, Munke Mose Park, J.B. Winsløwkollegiet og Cortex Park as these accommodations are very popular and therefore an expected waiting time on about 18-24 months

How do i make changes to my application?

Changes to an already made application has to be done at Studiebolig Odense.

I'm soon starting my education - how do you get an accommodation?

If you live outside Odense Municipality and are going to study then you have the possiblity to get into group C for applicants on Studiebolig Odense and then you are in the group for "absolute assuracne for accommodation" Read more about it here.

Who can apply for accommodation?


Youth- and dormitory accommodations can be applied for by all over 15 years of age who is currently studying, who expects to start studying within a year or youths with special needs. At the allocation of accommodations for youths with special needs it is demanded that we get documentation from their social worker or its like. Youths with special needs who isn't studying can only rent our accomedations for maximum 1 year. 


Who can apply?

Those who can apply are:

  • Students on a SU eligible education
  • Students with an apprenticeship
  • Students on a preparatory basic education (FGU)
  • Ph.D. students that are eligible for SU

Those who cannot apply:

  • Students at Learn Danish (Lær Dansk)
  • Ph.D. students that receive a salary

If you cannot find your education on the list, and you have doubts about whether you are eligible for student accommodation or not, you are welcome to contact us.

When can you apply?

At the earliest you can apply for youth and dormitory accommodations 12 months before you start studying. 

You can take over the accommodation up to 3 months before you start studying. 

How long can you stay at a youth- or dormitory accommodation?

You need to terminate your lease if you have finished or terminate your study. You may maxium live in your youth- or dormitory accommodation 3 months after you finish/terminate your study. The law require that we about once a year check if you are still actively studying. 


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