Termination of tenancy

Here you can find information on how you terminate your tenancy and what you need to do when you move out. We recommend that you read this information throughoutly before you terminate your tenancy

Billing of consumption


Consumption is payed on account. It is calculated once a year. You therefore need to notice that it can take up to one and a half year from you move untill your consumption is calculated. 

If you have payed on account for the consumption Kollegieboligselskabet will hold back 500 Dkr. from your deposit for any kind of consumption you payed on account. That means if you pay for heat and water on account we will hold back 1000 Dkr. from your deposit. The amount held back will cover for any additional payments that the statement of consumption might have. If your consumption fits what you payed on account, then you will get the whole amount back that we have held back. This is when the statement of consumption has been calculated. 

Remember that you dont need to unsubscribe with the consumption companies. This is also if you pay for power directly to EnergiFyn. Kollegieboligselskabet will make sure to unsubscribe you. You also dont need to read any monitoring devices - the janitor will take care of this at the moving out inspection. 

Transfer of belongings


If you and the new tenant agree that some of the inventory in the accommodation have to be handed over to the new tenant then you need to fill in the transfer form. The document is filled in by both parties and has to be given to the janitor at the moving-out inspection. 

How do I contact the new tenant?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the contact information on the new tenant. But if you send us an e-mail with your own contact information and a describtion of why you need contact to the new tenant then we will send it on to the new tenant. 

What should i do with the items I want to transfer to the new tenant?

As a standard rule, the things you wish to hand over have to be placed inside a closet, on a loft or in your storage room/basement. Bigger things such as closets, furniture, carpets, and the like can never be handed over. You can see more on the transfer form.

If you have any doubts what to do with the items that is going to be handed over please contact your janitor through an inquiry on MyPage.



Kollegieboligselskabet discourages painting the accommodation yourself. You risk that your effort doesn't meet the standards at the inspection. Then the accommodation will be repainted on your account. We use professional painters and therefor have a high standard for painting the accommodation. 

If you in the end choose to paint yourself then you need to follow the describtion below.

Painting walls and ceiling in a room has to be done correctly in accordance to the maintanance regiulations for your dormitory. In the maintenance regulations you might be able to find the color and gloss for the paint you need to use. If you paint with another type of paint or color it can cost you extra when moving out. Doors vindows, panels and other woodwork may not be painted unless you make an agreement about this with your janitor 

You can find the maintainance regulations under your dormitory.

How do i do it?
Course of action standardly is as followes: 

• Cleaning:

Stearic, stickyness after adhersive tape etc. need to cleaned/removed. Walls and ceilings need a light clean with a damp cloth.

• Closing holes:

Holes in walls and ceiling is filled with plaster and if necessary twice. After it has dried grind it down with fine sandpaper until the surface is smooth. 

• Covering:

Floor is covered with cardboard or plastic. The panels etc. has to be covered against the walls and ceiling with masking tape.

• Painting:

Plasters areas and former holes are repainted. After that has dried the walls and ceiling are painted once or twice. The painting has to dry before you paint the second time if needed. There might be used own paintbrushes and paint roller (lambskin) and you need lighting at ca. 100 W

• Finishing:

Tape and covering has to be removed. If there is any paint stains these has to be removed/cleaned.

What happens when moving out?


When you move out from your accommodation the dormitory's janitor has to hold a moving out inspection in your accommodation. This is to register if there is any flaws or lacks in the accommodation which need to be repaired before a new resident can move in. The moving out inspection is held on the moving out date a the earliest. You will no later than one week before the inspection receive a notice via mail for when the inspection is held. It is not possible to change the date of the inspection. 

At the moving out inspection
The accommodation has to be clean at the inspection. We refer to your dormitory's maintenance regulations which can be found described on your dormitory's page. 
All furniture that is registered to the accommodation also need to be in the accommodation at the inspection. Keys and laundry card need to be turned in to the janitor at the inspection. 
Is the accommodation not ready at the inspection, then we might clean, make new keys and fix the repairs needed on your account. The expences will be deducted from your deposit

Inspection report and final settlement
At the inspection the janitor makes an electronic inspection report which he will send your via email within 14 days after the inspection. It will state if there is any flaws or lacks that have to be reparied in your accommodation. The price the repairs will cost on the inspection report are only estimates and therefore not final. It depends on how much in the end the repairs will cost. The final costs will be available on your final settlement. You will receive this around 2-3 weeks after your termination date. 

I can't be at the inspection
We recommed that you alway take part in the inspection but if this isn't possible you have two options. You can choose to hand in your keys at the janitors or at KBS' office before the inspection. Please use a envelope for the keys with your name and adress on. Alternativly you can get a subsitute to take part in the inspection. All you have to do is make a power of attorney for the person who will subsitute you and make sure this person also brings her/his valid ID with a picture and your keys at the inspeciton. 

I'm moving internallyIf you move internally between KBS' dormitories then you can get an extra day to move. Your Moving out inspection at earliste will be held at the first weekday after your moving out date. When you send us your termination you are welcome to also write that you are moving internally. 

How to terminate your lease


To terminate your accommodation you need to fill in the termination form. The termination form can be found further down on this page as a link to penneo.com. You fill in the form electronicly and sign with your NemId. Notice that the termination only comes into effect when you recieve a confirmation from KBS

Which moving out date should i choose?
When you fill in the form you need to choose your moving out date. 
The moving out date is when you move you out of your accommodation - the date the accommodation have to be empty and cleaned. The moving out date shall be at least two weeks before the appartment is terminated. As usual you have 3 months termination from next 1st or 15th in a month. So if your accommodation has a termination date of the 15th of april your moving out date should be no later than the 1st of april.  

What if i move out long before my termination date?
If you move you earlier than the mandatory 2 weeks before your termination date. Then KBS will try to rent out your accommodation with a moving in date 2 weeks after your move out date. For example ff your Accommodation has a termination date the 15th of april but you move out the 1st of february then we will attempt to rent out your appartment from the 15th of february. It it happens you only have to pay rent until the new residents move in. 

What if i dont wish to move in anyway? 
If you wish to terminate your accommodation lease eventhough you haven't moved in, then you still need to send in the termination form to Kollegieboligselskabet. As the moving out date you just choose the date you would have moved in. KBS will then attempt to rent the accommodation to another party from the moving in date. It is very important that you indicate in the termination form that you do not wish to move in by writing that in the box titled "Applicants can contact you for a showing".
Rules of termination for your accommodation is also described in your lease §2

Here you can open, fill in and sign the termination of tenancy form