Well organized dormitory meeting


The yearly dormitory meetings is residents opportunity to get some say in what happens in their dormitory. This year many of our residents used this great oppertunity.  

As always the residents were presented with the finances and budgets of their dormitory. They also got the opportunity to question these. 

A big subject at this years meetings was to introduce no smoking at the dormitories. Upon invitation from KBS the residents had to make up their mind regarding whether or not their dormitory should be strictly non smoking areas. The reason behind this proposition was a wish to reduce problems with passive smoking among our residents, and also the increasing focus on the reduction of smoking and passive smoking in public. The proposition was approved by all dormitories, and we are happy to say that all KBS dormitories will be non smoking areas in the future. 

The residents on Rasmus Raskkollegiet also decided that the accommodations in block 26 and 27 needs renovation with new kitchens and more. This was proposed with a wish to create the best accommodations for our residents. 

At the meeting we also talked about other subjects and KBS' representatives got the oppertunity to answer questions from the residents.


We would like to thank all who attended the dormitory meetings. We hope to see even more of our resident at next years meetings.