If you wish to sublease your accommodation, then you can read more about the rules below.

  1. You must have a valid reason for needing to sublet your accommodation. Valid reasons include: approved leave from your studies, internship and exchange programs. 

  2. You must be able to document to KBS that both sublessor and subtenant are active students during the subleasing period. 

  3. The sublessor must also document a valid reason for subletting, where a start and end date for the subletting reason are visible. 

  4. In the subleasing period, all obligations and rights for the lease, as stated in the existing contract, fall upon the subtenant. However, all information regarding the accommodation, including the bill for rent, will still be send to the sublessor. It is his/her responsibility to forward this information to the subtenant. 

  5. Obligations and rights are not limited to the lease, but also pertain to the common areas. We call attention to the fact that the subtenant is liable for all damage done by him or her and any possible guests. This covers both furniture and fixtures in the lease and other areas at the dormitory. However, the dormitory will always hold the sublessor liable for the damages, and it is up to the sublessor to make a claim against the subtenant. Furthermore, we always refer to the existing contract for the lease.

  6. The rent for the lease is charged from the sublessor. It is up to him/her to charge the rent from the subtenant. 

  7. The rent must not exceed the at any time existing rent.  

  8. It is not allowed to charge extra for furniture. 

  9. It is not allowed to keep pets during the subletting period, unless an agreement between the two part are made, and in so far the agreement comply with the pet regulations for the specific dormitory in question.

  10. The subtenant must be aware of any existing rules and regulations for the dormitory, such as dormitory orders, maintenance regulations etc. 

  11. The subtenant is liable to the sublessor for any extra payments for water, electricity and heat. 

  12. The  sublessor is liable to the dormitory for any extra payments for water, electricity and heat.

  13. Missing payments on part of the subtenant do not exempt the sublessor from his or her legal responsibility to pay. The accommodation can still be terminated by KBS during the subletting period, if rent is not paid.

If you want to sublet your accommodation, you and your subtenant must fill out and sign the subleasing notification. You must also send proof of student activity (see points 1-3) to the administrator Kollegieboligselskabet. Any questions regarding subletting can also be directed to here.


Be aware that the subleasing notification is only to notify KBS of the subletting period. It is up to the subtenant and sublessor to make a contract for the subleasing - KBS recommens you use typeformular A, version 10, which is also available in English.

Find the subleasing notification here