Personal data policy for residents

Kollegieboligselskabet treats all personal data with care




  • At Kollegieboligselskabet (from now on refered to as "The housing society") we will manage your personal data in an electronic way or through another systematic way. We are therefore obliged to tell you which data we register, pass on or manage. 
  • The purpose with treating your data is generally for administrating your tenancy in accordance to the rules. 

Data responsability

  • The housing society is responsible for the data that we manage in connection to your tenancy. The Housing society is also in accordance to the Danish data proctection policy responsible for lawful treatment of your personal data.
  • This imply that you among other things can contact the housing society if you have question to the management of your personal data or if you wish to to use your rights in accordance to the danish data protection legislation. See nr. 8 underneath.



Establising a case 

  • When you rent an accommodation we make a case in your IT-system. We register a row of different personal data which we generally get from yourself. 
  • Among other things we register identification information such as your name, adress, private and work phone and email adress. We also register member number/ revaluation number and information about the households size, composition and in case also how many children living at home there is.
  • We register information about if the accommodation ahs been directed by the municipality, if there has been recieved any economic support from the municipality or if the you have a municipal deposit loan. 
  • If you live in an accommodation where the leasing is under the condition that you are studying then we also get information about your education status. 
  • The reason for the information we treat can be seen under points 1.1-2.1.4,that is nessecary to treat information to make a lease with us. The legal bais is the danish data protection law § 6, stk. 1, jf. the danish data proctection legislation article 6, stk. 1, litra b.

Personal identity number

  • We also ask for permition to treat your personal identity number (CPR-Number). This happens as we need to be able to identify you, the current lease with us and of practical and administrative reasons. Your personal identity number can also be used for digital communitationDit personnummer and transfers such as via. NemKonto and e-Boks. 
  • The legal basis is the danish data protection law § 11, stk. 2, nr. 2.]

Economic conditions

  • There is some situation where the housing society also treats information about your economic state. This can be to inform about the support you get for paying the deposit or that you are in arrears with your rent or other obligatory payments and debts to the housing society. D
  • The legal basis for this is the danish data protection law § 6, stk. 1, jf. the danish data protection legislation article 6, stk. 1, litra b.

Information about sickness and impairments etc.

  • It can also be nessecary that we treat information about special needs or for example other impariments that is mandatory for your accommodation to be suited for your needs. Such information are treated in association with determinating if you can live up to the kriteria that is needed to get priority to an accommodation or an accommodation which is suiteed for your needs.
  • We treat these information that it is nessecary to meet social justice obligations that is from another law etc. jf. the danish data proctection law § 7, stk.1, jf. the danish data proctection legislation article 9.
  • We might also be reasoned that we treat information about sickness if you wish to sublease your accommodation as you might not be in your accmmoidation whole sick  jfr. the general housing law § 65, stk. 1. In this connection we can also treat information about businesstravels studiy abroad or other temporary moves  jf. the general housing law § 65, stk. 1.


  • According to the law we as an housing society has the possiblity to recieve information about crimes committed before or in the housing area which the person lives or against an employee of the housing society. The police is allowed to give such information when nessecary in creating a safe enviroment. The legal basis is the general houising law 
  • Information abut crime can be treated in accordance if the lease is cancelled  jf. pkt. 5 underneath.



 House Rule complaints. 

  • We as a housing society are obliged to treat complaints form the residents and if required act against residents that might not act in accordance to proper conduct. In connection to our management of complaints we also treat personal data electronicly.  
  • We refer to our policy about managmenet of personal data in conenction to house rule complaints. It is available


  • When moving in you get a laundry card which gives access to use the laundry. The consumption of the laundry is registered at an external company and is collected through the rent colleciton. We can register your name, adress, phonenumber and e-mail at the external company for management of your laundry account. 


  • If there is any individual water meters in your accommodatyion these are either managed by the housing socierty or consumption collection company. With the consumptions collection company the housing society exchange information about your resident, payed on account and your name.


  • Internet is delievered by We do not give any information to about you unless the operation of the common network in the building is affected by actions made to the network from your accommodation. 


  • If there is any individual heat meters in your accommodation they will be managed by either the housing society or the consumption collection company. With the consumption colleciton company the housing society exchange information about your resident, payed on account and your name. 


  • If you have given us the power of attorney to sign the accommodation up to the relevant power company. We will treat information for the use of signing up hereby also the power product that the accommodation uses. 
  • Through the lease the housing sociery can make sign ups to a deliverer of power before you move in and resign you at the power deliverer when you move out. 
  • If there is individual submeters in your accommodation these will be managed by either the housing society or the consumption collection company. The housing society echange information with the consumption colleciton company about your resident, payed on account and your name. 

Key card for your accommodation/ key login

  • You have gotten a key cared for which actives the electronic door lock at us. Your key cared has a number which will be registered in a electronic log when you open the electronic lock. The Kig shows when your key card has been used and when.
  • The Log on information can potentially be used to track which doors the key cared have been used to open and what time. We only use these information in extreme cases such as burglary. The electronic log will be rewritten with resonable intervals. That means your key card wont work forever. 
  • The legal basis for this is the danish data proctection law § 6, stk. 1, jf. the danish data proctection legislation article 6, stk. 1, litra f,as they will follow the legal parts under pkt. 3.8.2.

Waiting list

  • If you are on the hoising society's waiting list we also treat some of your personal data. We refer to the describtion of treatment of personal data in connection to administration of the waiting list which is available at



Information about termination of tenancy and the background etc. 

  • In connection to your termination of tenance we register the relevant data for the background of the termination or move. This happens for example because we have to be able to document the background for the termination or move.
  • The law gives the housing society a lot of possiblities to cancel the lease. These posibilities are given through for example the general rent act chapter 15. the policy states that for example the lease can be canceled if the rent or other mandatory payments  aren't payed on time. Also if  a resident doesnt behave proper or if someone has been punish in accordance with   § 4 in the law about restrictions of visitors in certain rooms. This means that the housing society can treat confidential data (sush as economic condisions) and sensative information (sush as crimes commited) In connection to a cancellation of the lease.
  • The law also makes it possible to pass on personal data between housing societies in case a housing society has cancelled a lease in a certain dormitory. The pass of information is nessecary to strenghen the safety work in  a certain area of housing. The legal basis for this is the general housing act. 



Deleting data

  • At the housing society we have made a policy that describes how and when we delete personal data. 3 years after your last economic transaction we delete the economic data about you unless you still owe money to the housing society. The economic data is deleted in reference to the bookkeeping law 5 years aftert the transaction is registered. 

Request about deleting data

  • When you contact us with a request to get fixed or deleted your personal data we make sure that you meet the requirements and if you do we will make sure it is deleted or fixed as soon as possible. 



  • Through the personal data policy law you have some rights in connections to how we treat your personal data. 
  • In connection to this you have the right to:
    • to request to get insight into what data we have and manage about you (in accordance with the Danish data protection legislation article 15).
    • To request if we rectify the personal data that we manage about you (in accordance with the Danish data protection legislation article 16).
    • To request that we delete personal data that we have about you (in accordance with the Danish data protection legislation article  17).
    • To request that we minimize our mangement of your personal data (in accordance with the Danish data protection legislation article  18).
    • To request about dataportability in the extent that is is nessecary (in accordance with the Danish data protection legislation article  20).
    • Make objections about the way we manage your personal data (in accordance with the Danish data protection legislation article 21).
  • We also refer to our policies etc. which also discribes the special mangement of personal data. This includes personal data in connection to video surveillance, mangement of personal  data connected to house rule complaints, delete polivym mangement of personal data in connection to waiting lists. 
  • you can read more about the Danish data protection legislation and your rights on the Danish data protection agencys website
  • As mentioned you have the right to object about how we manage your personal data and you can - if you for example do not agree with our decision in the connection to your objection - take the complaint about our management to the Danish data protection agency. (See contact underneath).



Housing society

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The Danish Data Protection Agency

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