Moving in

There are some things you need to know, if you are moving into one of our accommodations.

If you have already gotten a contract on an accommodation then we recommend that you read the cover letter you got with the contract. Every important information for moving into your accommodation is written here. 


If you haven't yet gotten an accommodation, but just want to know more about moving into one of our accommodations, you can read more about it here. 

How do I get access to the internet?


Upon moving in you will recieve an e-mail with your username and password. If you have problems with the internet or you do not receive this information, please contact "Foreningen Kollegienet Odense" by e-mail or by phone (+45) 6314 4457. Kollegienet's webpage can be reached here.

Where can I pay my bills?


You can pay your bill at a local bank or through your e-bank account. We do not accept cash or creditcard at the office of Kollegieboligselskabet. You are liable for all fees regarding international transfers.

Note that not all banks accept payment in cash if you do not have an account in that bank.

You find all necessary payment information in the information letter that you receive along with the lease.

What does the amount from the first bill include?


The first bill includes the deposit (usually 3 months of rent) + the rent of the first month or half month in case your lease starts on the 15th. Rent is paid ahead and you will receive a new bill for the rent of the following month. We ususally send the bill for rent between the 15th and 23th each month.

When will my moving-in inspection be?


We usually have the moving-in inspection within the first 2 weeks of your tenancy though it is sometimes postponed due to many tenants moving in at the same time.

If there are any damages or failures in your accommodation, you must write a list of them and send to Kollegieboligselskabet by e-mail. This must be done no later than 2 weeks after your official moving-in date. If your inspection is held within the first 2 weeks of your tenancy we recommend that you bring the list to the inspection and have the janitor note them. However, the deadline for sending the list is 2 weeks after your official moving-in date whether we are able to have the inspection in this timeperiod or not. 

We recommend that you are present for the inspection but if you or someone else participating on your behalf are not present in the accommodation at the time of the moving-in inspection, the janitor will go into your accommodation and inspect the accommodation without you. It is not possible to change the time of the inspection. 

Can I change my room/apartment?


You can only change room or apartment by applying for a new one. This means that you have to go through a full process of terminating the current accommodation and paying a new deposit on the new accommodation. Your deposit can't be transfered from one lease to another.

You apply for a new accommodation through Studiebolig Odense. When you have lived 6 months in a student accommodation you will have a higher prioritazion on the waiting list. Read more about the procedure here.