Bicycle information

At all our dormitories it is frequently necessary to collect defected and abandoned bicycles that have been left somewhere on the dormitory grounds, bicycle sheds, etc. The collection of these bicycles may be initiated by either the Dormitory Board or the janitors. The purpose is to remove all bicycles left behind by tenants who have moved elsewhere.



The procedure for collecting defected and abandoned bicycles:

  1. The tenants must be warned that a bicycle collection is going to take place prior to the collection of bicycles. A warning notice should announce a date when the bicycles are attached with a cable tie and when the bicycles are removed from the dormitory. The warning notice should be given 14 days prior to the attachment of the cable ties to the bicycles. The warning notice may be given either by e-mail or by a letter in the mailbox, possibly in combination with a letter of notice on the notice boards in the dormitory.

  2. On the announced date all bicycles will be attached with a cable tie. Tenants, who are using their bicycles, must remove the cable ties before the day when the collection takes place.

  3. 14 days later all bicycles, where the cable ties are still attached, will be collected and put in storage.

  4. 4 weeks later, at the earliest, the bicycles will be collected by the police (Lost and Found). They keep the bicycles in store for a minimum period of 1 month.

  5. If your bicycle has been lost in connection with a bicycle collection, you should contact the janitors, as they keep the bicycles in storage for 4 weeks before handing them over to the police.


Important notice
Bicycle collections do not take place from July 1st to September 1st as many tenants are on vacation. If you are away from the dormitory for more than 4 weeks at any other time except during the summer holidays, you should not leave your bicycle on the dormitory’s grounds or bicycle sheds, unless you have arranged with another tenant to take care of your bicycle while you are away.

If you have been permitted to sublet your accomendation, you are not allowed to leave your bicycle on the dormitory grounds or bicycle sheds. Please be aware, that it is your responsibility as a sublessor to inform the subtenant of any bike collections and the consequences hereof. 

Bicycles or other items left in the hallways or stairways which are considered an evacuation route, will be removed without warning. If you have not contacted the janitors within 4 weeks after your belongings have been removed, they may have been turned over to the police (Lost and found). If the janitors still have your belongings and you want them back, you will be charged a minimum fee equal to the expense of 1 working hour on the following month’s rent.

Please be advised that it is not possible to keep the dormitory responsible for the loss of your bicycle, if it has been lost during a bicycle collection, where the above mentioned procedure has been used. The same is the case if you have lost items removed from the hallways or stairways that are evacuation routes.