Bulky waste


We sometimes get inquiries regarding how to dispose of bulky waste such as old furniture, polystyrene and similar.


Odense Municipality has an arrangement for collection of bulky waste which is free for everyone. You should contact Odense Waste Management at phone: +45 6313 8200 and arrange with them on which address the waste will be placed and which date it will be collected. On the scheduled day you should place your waste at the agreed spot and the waste company will then collect it.


Electronic waste (such as TVs and computers) is not covered by the agreement for bulky waste.


If you want to read more about waste separation we recommend that you read more at Odense Waste Management’s webpage.


Please note that bulky waste must not be left in hallways, staircases or similar, as these are escape routes and the blocking of these poses a fire hazard for all tenants.


If you place bulky waste for collection of the waste company we recommend that you inform the janitor about this through a message on your MyPage.


Remember to write the collection date for the bulky waste in the message to the janitor.


Please note that it is the tenant’s responsibility to remove bulky waste.