About Kollegieboligselskabet

Who we are, what we value and a lot of other useful information

Kollegieboligselskabet was established in 1973 by 3 dormitories in Odense as a non-profit organization. In 1998 the company was converted into a general housing society. 


The fact that Kollegieboligselskabet is a general housing society has a big impact on the way our dormitories are managed. The most noticable is probably the fact that the rent our tenants pay exclusively consist of the cost for maintenance and administration. Therefore we do not actually earn any money for managing the dormitories and the result is a lower rent for our tenants. 


Kollegieboligselskabet is a modern and active housing society which builds and manages dormitories and youth housing in one of Denmarks biggest education cities Odense. Our accommodations are spred out over all of Odense and they vary in size and price. So there should be something for everybody.   


With focus on a modern and effective management style and resident influence we wish to create steady settings for our residents. So they can focus on what is important - their education. Therefore our daily work is very much characterized by service, development and commuity. 


To always be a step ahead with what happens in the general house society market we have made an alliance with a lot of other dormitory administration companies in Odense and in the rest of Denmark. Here we have an oppertunity to share our knowledge and become better at knowing what the students want for accommodation types, accommodation politics and regulation etc. 


We are members of  Boligselskabernes Landsforening. Kollegieboligselskabet is an administrative company for Foreningen Kollegienet Odense and private dormitory and education accommodations. 


Resident democracy 

As a resident in one of our accommodations you are a part of a social community and you have plenty of possiblities to create a network with your fellow residents through events at the dormitory.  

 Through resident democracy you can get the possiblity to create a good dormitory. By participating in the yearling resident meetings and by becoming a board member then you get insight into budgets and ecomnomy of your dormitory. You also get experience in working together and being responsible for your own and common descions - Experience you can use the rest of your life. 

At Kollegieboligselskabet we do what we can to have resident democracy. There is nothing like experiencing happy and committed residents who take responisiblity for their dormitory. 


Digital deveopment: Simpicity for our residents 


To make more effective and better service for our applicants, residents and those who have moved out. We are trying to continuously have focus on development of digital solutions. We are therefore trying to avoid paper solutions.

We have made changes so we now have digital signiatures, digital inspection reports, digital leases, final settlements and a lot more. Applicants, residents and people who have moved out now dont need to manage paper documents. They have also gotten an easier way to find old documents and korrespondances again.



Financial accounting

On this page you can find financial accounting for Kollegieboligselskabet and it's dormitories

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On this page you can finde summaries from board meetings and representative meetings in Kollegieboligselskabet. Note that these are only available in Danish for the time being.

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Personal data policy for residents

Kollegieboligselskabet treats your personal data with care.

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What can we offer a business partner?

To strengthen our common skills and contribute to the development of accommodation offers in Denmark we work together with other actors in the field of the common and private accommodation market.

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